We'll manage your tenants' bills.
Refer us to your tenants and you’ll receive a commission. Available with Gas, Electricity, Water, Wi-Fi and TV Licence bills.
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Refer Your Tenants
Once your tenants have signed up to a house, either on the platform or separately, you just send them our way. We can offer them one consolidated place for all the housemates to manage their bills. We package their household bills into one simple payment.
Housemates are only responsible for their share and we deal with the hassle of utility companies, so they don’t have too.
Trusted service
Know your tenants are in good hands. The Bunch will manage the service directly with your tenants, from start to finish.
Earn bonuses
Refer your tenants to The Bunch and earn referral commissions.
No Liability
Your tenants are fully liable for their household bills, with no involvement from you.
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How it works
With us managing your property’s bills you’ll have happier tenants who’ll make simple monthly payments, split between all the housemates.
1. Your tenants get a quote
All quotes are free and take less than 3 minutes.
2. They tailor their package
They’ll choose from a range of suppliers and pick the services they want us to manage from: Gas, Electricity, Water, Broadband and TV licence.
3. All housemates sign-up
All the tenants in the property sign-up in a quick & easy process.
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4. They’ll set up their individual payments
We can offer your tenants payment dates ranging from monthly, to quarterly. All in-line with their personal finances and student loan dates.
5. They’ll enter your voucher code
During the payment set-up, they’ll use your voucher code so we can associate them with your property.
6. You receive a commission
That’s right, we’ll manage your property’s bills and you’ll get paid!
Student Bills Packages
We take all the hassle out of student bills with our fully managed service and tailored packages
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We use the best broadband providers to ensure that your tenants get the fastest speeds possible in their area
We pass our business rates on at cost meaning they can save up to £200
Our suppliers are Virgin and GB Technologies
Our Service Providers
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Key Benefits To Letting Agents
Raise your game with The Bunch. The Bunch offers a range of packages allowing you to tailor our service to your tenants’ requirements.
Guaranteed rent - protect the landlord's income for 12 months and lower administrative costs.
Less time wasters - with all tenants involved in the decision-making process you will experience fewer issues with no shows and showing people properties that were never suitable in the first place.
Ultimate exposure - as a company for students built by students, we are connected to your target market. Our social media and online engagement reaches more than 15 million people every year.
Let properties without physical viewings - our 360 VR photography displays your properties in the best possible light to attract students from all around the world.
Green energy commitment - by using The Bunch your properties are committed to a greener future. We use 100% renewable electricity and plant 6 trees per house to offset the gas emissions.
Target new landlords - we know that gaining landlords is a key focus for you and that’s why we will work alongside you to create bespoke marketing plans in your core area to attract new business.
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