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Weekly Sign Up Offer
Ends in: 5 days, 9 hours, 8 minutes,
Ends in: 5D 9H 8M
Weekly Sign Up Offer
Ends in: 5 days, 9 hours, 8 minutes,
Ends in: 5D 9H 8M
Understanding your student bills package
Our model is designed to give you the best deal possible. We pass on all our services at cost from the supplier and then charge you a simple, fixed management fee on top of this.
As part of the fully managed service covered by the fee is your one consolidated bill, discounted prices and one place for all your customer support needs.
Our simple, transaparent structure means you always know you always know your share of your household bills. This means we can provide with individual liability so you only ever pay your share of the bills, even if your housemates don’t pay theirs.
Individual Management / Liability Fee
Provided by The Bunch
As mentioned above, unlike other companies we pass on all of our services at cost, taking a £120 per person yearly fee to set up and look after your services.
Most other companies only offer joint liability on their student bills packages. With The Bunch you get Individual liability. This means you only ever pay your share of the bills, even if your housemates don’t pay theirs!
Provided by Ovo
100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas aren’t the only benefits to having OVO as your energy supplier. OVO has simple, clear rates and charges, passed direct to you. The unit rate for electricity is £0.1743 and for gas is £0.0417. The standing charges for electricity are £0.4324 and for gas are £0.2472. Smart metres are also available nationwide.
Provided by GB TechnologiesVirgin
With Virgin you will be on a 12 month contract at £40.00 per month. If you were to sort Wi-Fi with Virgin yourself it would be an 18 month contract. Not only is this too long for most student tenancies, but the extra 6 months would cost you £240!
For GB Tech ADSL it is £30.00 per month and for GB Tech Fibre it is £40.00 per month. Both of these options are 1 month rolling contracts.
Provided by your local supplier Bristol WaterYorkshire Water
Your water will be provided by your local supplier. So if you’re in Bristol that’s Bristol Water, if you’re in Leeds it’s Yorkshire Water, and so on. Like all of our services, our water bills are passed on to you at cost.
TV Licence
Provided by TV Licensing
Whether you watch TV or stream to a device, you’ll legally need a TV licence. A TV Licence costs £159.50 per year and that price is again, passed onto you at cost. Another hassle free solution to add to your student bills package
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