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Meter Readings

Posted by The Bunch in December, 2020.

Sending regular meter readings is the best, and only, way for you to get accurate energy bills for your property. These readings are so important because they tell our energy suppliers exactly how much energy you have been using in your property, so they can bill you for exactly the right amount. Without these reads, the suppliers will bill your property on estimates. These are usually at least 30% higher than actual bills, so it’s really worth your while to send them!

The most important meter readings you can send us are your opening meter reads, and the sooner you send them in the better. When you first move into a house, the energy supplier that was supplying the last tenants will still be supplying the property until we make the switch to our supplier. The old supplier will have put you on their most expensive tariff, so the quicker we can switch you to, the more money we can save for you.

Gas Meters

Your gas meters will look a little something like these:

Ovo Energy Quite often they have a yellow sticker on them, which helps to identify, although this is not 100% of cases.

If you are unsure there are a few obvious places they could be. Quite often gas meters are located in boxes on outside walls. They should be open and if not there should be a meter box key within your property for you to open that box and access it. If not, your letting agent or landlord should provide one. Alternatively you can buy meter box keys from most hardware shops for a very low cost.

If they are inside the property, they could be under the stairs, in the hallway, in the kitchen, or in a cupboard. If you are in a block of flats they could also be in the basement. There might be several meters in the same area in flats, so make sure you are reading the right meter for your property.

Electric Meters

Your electric meter should look a little something like one of these:

Ovo Energy

Similarly, electric meters could be found on an outside wall, in a cupboard, in your entrance hall, or in a living room or kitchen. They can also be found in a communal space or basement if you are in a flat.

What if I can only find my electric meter?

You may be in an electric only property - Please check with your landlord or letting agent, and they can clarify this with you. This is more common in newer properties and flats.

What do I do once I’ve found my meters?

We need you to send us clear photos of both your gas and electric meters to every month. Please take the photos of the screens or dials on the front of the meters, they tell us how much electricity or gas you have used. Please ensure the photos are clear and bright enough for us to read them and the screen is displaying your read. We will send you monthly reminders about your meter readings.

If there’s an issue/or your screen is blank, you may have Smart Meter. Read Ovo Energy’s blog on how to read a meter here for more information:

If you are still unsure on how to read your meter, the best thing to do is just to drop us a call on 0333 358 3377 or email us on We would be happy to talk you through it! We will be asking for your meter readings every month, so it’s really worth finding out how to do this sooner rather than later.

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