We take a fixed monthly fee to manage your Gas, Electricity, Water, Broadband and TV Licence.


When signing up to The Bunch we switch you over to our green electricity supplier OVO Energy. This means all of our houses will be provided by 100% renewable electricity from sustainable sources such as wind or solar.


We also use OVO Energy as our gas supplier. Switching energy suppliers can take up to three weeks, but because we handle all the hassle, there won’t be a gap in supply, so you won’t notice a thing!


Water is supplied on the national grid by your local provider. For example Leeds is Yorkshire Water, Bristol is Bristol Water etc. The price of water fluctuates between regions so this can slightly alter the yearly cost of your bills.


With Broadband, like our other services, we pass our business rates on at cost which can save you up to £200 a year. Our suppliers are Virgin and GB Technologies. We’ll always get you the best possible speeds in your area.

TV Licence

Whether you watch TV or stream to a device, you’ll need a TV licence. Not sorted one before? Don’t worry we’ll handle it all for you.

Do you need one? – Find Out Here 


Although not standard, we can offer TV packages through Virgin media that include SKY Cinema, SKY TV, SKY Sports and general entertainment channels.

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